As I watch this incredible town I can’t stop thinking it must be a dream, an apparition, and an optical illusion

7 000-year-old evidences of human activity have been found by archaeologists on the territory of the present-day town of Veliko Tarnovo.

For more than eight centuries the town has been of fundamental importance for Bulgarian history. In the Middle Ages, Europeans called it the "Third Rome, Second Constantinople". During the Revival period it was renowned as: the „Mother of all Bulgarian cities”.

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  • Fortress Tzarevetz


Being a synthesis of a thousand-year history, our town is also symbol of continuity of the statehood, spirit and culture of our nation and at the same time – an emblem of the latest tendencies in art, science, culture, education and social projects.

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  • Archaeological Museum

Create Happiness

The idea of ​​the role of arts, culture and creativity for the welfare of people and society, not only economically, but also a sense of happiness is fundamental to the application. 

Two days of music, cinema and fun with VT CAN

28 August 2014

Open air cinema, creative workshops and lots of fun is expected on Kraibrezhna (Riverside) street on 29 and 30 August during the VT CAN Festival, organized by Ideistvie Association and ...

75 caricatures in “EvroSapiens – an Exhibition with History”

28 August 2014

“EvroSapiens – an Exhibition with History” will be opened on 2 September at 18:00 in Rafael Mihailov Exhibition Centre. “EvroSapiens” was born in 2009 from the eponymous National Caricature Competition ...

Heavy metal night on Mindya Rock Fest

27 August 2014

At the insistence of the hardcore fans, the second night of this year’s Mindya Rock Fest on 29 August will feature heavy metal bands like “Horizont”, „ Impade ”, „ ...

Velizar Ivanov with best image award on Bodygraphia 2014

23 August 2014

Velizar Ivanov from Sofia is the winner of the best image award of the International Photography Symposium Bodygraphia 2014. Best model is Borislava Ivanova, photographed in the best image of ...

First Cinema Festival on Sveta Gora Hill

29 - 30 August 2014
Digital art

A festival with cinema and many other attractions will be organized ...

Information and reference book Key to Veliko Tarnovo
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