First Cinema Festival on Sveta Gora Hill

Digital art
29 - 30 August 2014

A festival with cinema and many other attractions will be organized by Ideistvie Association (Taralej Art Club) on Sveta Gora Hill on 29 and 30 August. „VT CAN”  offers attractive programme starting from 13,00 till 23,00 on both days, including open-air exhibitions, fire show, unplugged concerts and jam sessions, picnic areas and “hammock open air library” which in the evening will be transformed into seats for the movie theatre under the stars.

The film programme features critically acclaimed and award-winning films. Ideistvie Association urges the visitors of the fest to come to the event on foot or on bikes – on both festival days an informational campaign will explain the benefits of the eco tourism and hiking.

The organizers will take care for preservation of the natural environment of Sveta Gora and protection of its biodiversity.