Creative and Culture Community


The European Capital of Culture is about many things but central to the task is putting on a series of events/programs that highlight the wealth, diversity and common features of European cultures. These should be:


  • Innovative;

  • Have a European Dimension;

  • Involve European partners;

  • Involve the citizens in the creative process;

  • Engage with citizens as the audience;

  • Be sustainable.


The events/programs can come from the theatre, arts, literary and music communities but culture is not limited within these art forms. Culture is about our traditions, it is about how we work, live and play so we are interested in hearing from you if you have other ideas for presenting culture.

We are here to listen and to assist you in developing these ideas through funding where possible or by providing technical support.

We have prepared an online form that you can fill in or just come direct to our office for a chat. All are welcome.