Education and Schools


The European Capital of Culture project is a wonderful tool to inform people at all levels about many interesting topics current in the education curriculum. Most obviously about culture and the elements that are associated with it such as music, theatre, dance, art, traditions and so forth.

We would like to take this opportunity to work with educators and schools to develop ideas for engaging with the groups you care for. We would like to explore some of the following themes:


  • How can we tap into young people’s natural creative talents? And how can we ensure adults rekindle their inborn creativity?

  • How can we develop a positive, supportive environment in which children feel free to express themselves creatively?

  • Can the arts and culture be tools to help you overcome issues your students face, such as bullying or peer pressure and can they be used to help some children overcome a sense of failure when faced with a highly-pressured society?

  • How can VT2019 help our young people be excited about staying in education to tertiary levels, and help them fulfill their potential?

  • What would you like to see bridge the gap between family and school to help educators and parents work in tandem in the best interests of the child or student?

  • How do you see your school or college getting involved? What strengths or resources does it already have that it can use to help spark or coordinate a project idea? What support does it need?


Our office is open to hear your ideas so please feel free to pop in sometime to talk to a member of staff or simply send your ideas to us via email.