Veliko Tarnovo 2019


Why did Veliko Tarnovo present its Bid for 2019?


We believe that arts, culture and creativity play an important role in increasing the well-being of people and society, not only in economic aspect, but as a perception of happiness, as well. This is our moto. This is our cause. We Create Happiness.

We are committed to culture and education in values as instruments of social transformation and change to take up today’s challenge of Europe, its cities, its people so that different people will learn to get along better with one another.

Culture and running cultural events is what Veliko Turnovo does best. The cultural sector and all related tourism sectors contribute 65% towards the city’s annual income. It is Veliko Turnovo’s core business and we want to build on this.


What are the Bid phases and the key dates of the selection process? 


  • The candidate cities drew up a preliminary project for the year, which they had to present in writing in August 2013 and defend before the panel in November 2013.

  • The pre-selected cities, a total of 4, have from November 2013 until July 2014 to prepare their Final Bid Book for presentation in September 2014.


Candidate Cities in Bulgaria

The other three Bulgarian cities to reach the final with Veliko Turnovo were: Varna, Sofia and Plovdiv.