A major aim of VT2019 is to see businesses embrace the potential profitability of being part of the event by linking with cultural activities and investing in the year’s projects. Realising an ECoC requires considerable capital investment and the private sector is seen as an important stakeholder.

Studies have shown that most ECoCs have proved a catalyst to driving urban regeneration and given rise to long-term benefits, including economic activity relating to culture, the arts, tourism and increased trade.  VT2019 sees itself setting in motion a culture-led regeneration, “incentivising and sustaining the economy of culture”.

But perhaps more important we believe that through engaging in creative artistic and cultural activities then people’s wellbeing is improved – they feel happier. Indeed our moto is “We Create Happiness”. Our thinking is that engagement with culture and art should not be seen as something whose impact is felt simply at one point in time and space. We believe it awakens the creative side of people and can inspire them. These positive reactions should feed back into everything they do in terms of work, living and play.

VT2019 is just starting.  At this early stage, you can help shape the process creatively. We envisage active partnering. The process of partnering involves establishing a two-way relationship, for the benefit of both parties. By ‘owning’ a particular VT2019 project, you will have a unique opportunity to showcase your business and, in many instances, be an integral part of forming a project’s direction. Giving of your know-how and skills you can make real difference to a project’s success. Our bid also outlines schemes for sponsors and partners. You can give us support in many ways. You can support our cause by uploading our logo. You can become a sponsor or simply make a donation to the VT2019 Foundation Fund.

Winning the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture (to be announced end 2014) is obviously our primary aim but win or lose we believe we have started a process of revitalizing the arts and cultural community. If you want to join in and support this process come to our office or email.